Busy Moms. There’s an oil to help you?

If you know anyone who uses essential oils, you may have heard the term “there an oil for that.”  The truth of the matter is there ARE many oils that are useful in our everyday lives. Today specifically I’m talking about you moms!

Peace & Calming

I diffuse this oil EVERY night for sleep. The smell is sensational. Diffuse it when it’s nap time. Mix 10 drops in 1/2 cup coconut oil to make a sleepy time cream for your little ones. Put a drop or two on your wrists or below your ears when your stressed. You can even rub a few drops on your hyper or scared dog to help him call down. It really helps. It does!


This oil helps to uplift your mood. Struggling with depression? Baby blues? Just occasionally down? Joy can help. Rub on your wrists, neck or over your heart. Diffuse it during the day to help keep your spirits up. I like to mix a few drops with 1/2 cup of Epsom salts for a relaxing bath.


If you’ve done any Pinterest searches for natural cold remedies, you’ve probably seen Thieves. It can be helpful for boosting the immune system and may protect against bacteria and viruses (not FDA approved). I can personally speak to how I’ve used it in the last year.  I’m a RN. I’m exposed to illness daily. I take thieves and oregano in a veggie capsule regularly, 4-6 drops of each. My boyfriend who refuses to use oils has been ill many times this winter, I however not one cold. I wonder why???


Diffuse this oil to kill off molds and allergens in your home. Add to your laundry detergent for the same. This oil can also help with acne, the itch of bug bites, and even as a mosquito repellant.  Pretty cool!


Ah the biblical oil. This oil can boost your immune system if taken internally. Applied topically or diffused, it helps with stress. It’s great for the skin to help with scars and as a wrinkle reducer. Add a few drops to your current skin moisturizer. Apply a drop or two to healing wounds to reduce scarring.


One of my favorite oils. This oil diffused can help kids with concentration. It helps you with stress and anxiety, diffuse or apply topically. Apply on the jaw line to help relieve TMJ symptoms, it helps the muscles relax. Same with along the spine for back pain. It’s also been known to stop snoring when applied to the big toes! Sneak some on your hubby tonight!

For more information check out my website:


To order go to http://www.youngliving.org/tierni1

Happy oiling!


Diet, no lifestyle change, Day 1: complete

As I take my last bite of broccoli and brown rice, I can now officially say Day 1 of 21 day fix is complete. I am in the break room at work, working the night shift, staring at bite sized cream cheese iced brownies some one brought in. Am I going to take one? No. I just won’t. It is only day one after all. image

Here’s what I learned today. I’m not as fit as I thought I was. I has to do the modifications for some of the exercises in the cardio fix video. Also had to stop it for a bit to catch my breath. Oh well, I did it!

My tastiest meal was my shakeology. My salad was too bland, as was my chicken/ broccoli/ brown rice dinner. We’ll have to work on that.

Was I hungry today? A little. I’m on the “smallest calorie” meal am based on my calorie needs. But I wasn’t starving but I don’t feel full. Maybe that’s how your supposed to feel?

Some other positives:

It was kind of nice having my meals planned, no binge eating!

I liked these energy bites I made, promise I’ll post the recipe

I felt damn good after my workout- even though I was cursing during it.

Here’s to tomorrow!

Young Living, Where It All Began

My very first introduction to multi level marketing was February of 2014 with young living essential oils.  My best friend bought me the premium starter kit as a gift because she was in love with her oils and with some of the health conditions I had struggled with including migraines, IBS, anxiety and insomnia, she thought they could help. Plus she told me about this combination of taking grapefruit, lemon and peppermint for weight loss which her friend was taking and had amazing results.

I started out slowly with using the oils.  I jumped into the “weight loss” oils right away.  The peppermint helped my IBS symptoms immediately.  I didn’t notice a difference in my headaches then….at that time… more on that later.  I did fall I love with this oil called stress away.  I used up the whole 5 ml bottle within 2 weeks of having it. It smelt amazing and I used it at work when I was working the floor to stay calm and relaxed and it actually worked!

Here’s a little 411 on stress away:


I used Lavender too for insomnia for myself and daughter at that time which seemed to help her relax.  And started to use purification on my acne.  Noticing a little relief there.

But I honestly didn’t use all of the oils I originally got in my premium starter kit at first.  I didn’t know how or what to use them on or for.  But I was ordering the lemon, peppermint, grapefruit, lavender and stress away every month so I decided to enroll in their Essential rewards program.

The Essential Rewards program is where you make a minimum PV or about $50 purchase a month and then earn 10% back in credit for future purchases after 6 months, 15% back months 6-12 and then 20% back after a year (which is where I’m at now, yippee!!!!)

3 months later I decided to sell.  Oils were working for me.  I was seeing that.  I was using them and so I decided why not try to earn a little money on the side if I could. But I had never done sales before EVER.  Other then waitressing when we try to “upsell” which I was terrible at.  Within a week of announcing I was selling I had my first home party.  I sold 6 premium starter kits (I have yet to repeat that success- beginners luck).  But it was a great experience.  Knowing I could do it.  Getting up in front of a group, sharing my experience, talking about a product I loved and helping others learn about the benefits of essential oils too.  It was just the beginning and probably lit a fire inside me for sales and multi level marketing.  Maybe good, maybe bad.  But young living is where it all started.  It’s the company I am still the most passionate about, the one I put the most time into and the one I have the most knowledge on.  I believe in the product.  I believe it can help families and should be in every home.

That’s my truth and I’m sticking to it!

Tierni McGinn

Young Living Independent Distributer 1639451


My Start on the 21 Day Fix Program

AHHH! I’m nervous.  I joined Beachbody last week and am starting the 21 day fix program tomorrow!

Why did I do this? A friend of mine at work joined last July and has successfully lost 49 pounds.  I was hesitant because one I am already with many direct sales companies as it is and two, the cost of it.  She talked me into becoming a coach, it saved me a little money.  And actually to me, it’s not a bad idea.  Here’s why:

It holds me accountable.  If I hold the title of a “coach” then I am accountable not only to myself but to show others that I am committed to succeed.  Yes by being a coach I can potentially sponsor other people and earn residual income, but I’m not there yet.

A little about my weight loss issues:  I am 5’4”, 150 lbs.  I have been this since I had my daughter 8 years ago except for a little hiccup about 1 1/2 years ago when I got down to 135 pounds which – sorry if this is TMI- was due to IBS.  I kept it off a year, but last fall, gained it all back.  Now I’m not a terrible eater, but not a great eater.  I love carbs, but could give or take sweets.  I used to like to drink alcohol but not as much any more- the hang overs kill me! As far as exercise.  I go up and down.  I’ve belonged to a gym for 10 years.  I used to do many group fitness classes about 3 days a week- spin, body pump, yoga, barre.  Then sort of settled just into yoga for awhile.  Then the last 6 months did nothing.  Have felt pretty icky about that.  I started doing PIYO after the first of the year- that lasted a week and I broke my wrist! (unrelated, just bad coincidence, go figure)

So hence here I am.  Ready to try to get fit.  You have to be in that place first right or you won’t succeed.  So I spent 2 hours meal planning for my first week of the 21 day fix.  Here’s what I have on the plan:


Looks pretty doesn’t it?  A lot of hard work went into that.  You have to find all this different food, figure out what color they belong into and then make sure you get in all your colors for the day.  The easiest thing for me to do was to just do Shakeology for breakfast and make sure I have a vegetable and fruit mixed in with it because I’m not a big fruit and veggie person.  Next I did dinner.  Then I filled in the rest.  I’m a picky eater but was able to figure it out.

Then I made my grocery list!  Here’s what I came up with:


It helped me to write it all down so I know what I’m going to buy.  I’m headed out to the store tomorrow morning since today was Easter Sunday and everything was closed.

Tomorrow I start my workouts too.  I’m prepared because I’ve been doing PIYO “most” days this week, just to get a head start.  Wish me luck and follow me on my journey.  Here’s to success!


Hello world! My first Post on Nurse for Wellness and More!

Hello Readers! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Obviously I am a RN.  The reason I am starting this blog is because I have been introduced into this wonderful world of wellness and direct sales products over the last year.  Before you STOP reading because I said the word direct sales, please don’t.  It has been an interesting journey.  I have learned ALOT both educationally, personally, financially, about leadership, about what to do, about what not to do.  I’m still learning.

I want to use this blog to share my experiences.  Not just on the products I’m using or selling, yes some of it will be to share that but also to share other wellness information I have acquired through this journey.  I also want to share some of my personal experiences in the last year of being taken advantage of in some ways, making mistakes, choosing to sell with companies I didn’t want to in business exchanges (huge mistakes), in the hopes that you might not choose to make the same choice I did in the past.  I hope to provide you with honest feedback on some of these companies too as I have now had experience with MANY of them.  Think of me as your own personal guinea pig.

Some of these companies include:

Young Living



It Works

Beach Body



Buskins Leggings

Isao tea (I think)

Organo Gold

Yes, you read that right.  All of these I have some how been affiliated with in the last year.  Stay tuned, more juicy details on all of this to come! So bear with me on this ride.  There is a lot to tell!